Groundhog Day

Using the framework that you will find on Career Management in Turbulent Times, I work in a space you could call Executive Education, play the role of Professor, and live and spend most of my professional time in and around a specific place that is the metropolitan area of Barcelona.

Spain in general has been hard hit by SARS-Cov-2 with over 20,000 people dead and many more infected with the virus. Following the footsteps of the Italian authorities, the Spanish government shut down the country on March 14th and we have been in lock down ever since.

The legal term is a State of Alarm, which is the lowest level of national emergency but is still quire severe. If your professional activity is not considered “essential” you can only leave the house for shopping, taking out the trash or walking the dog if you have one.

Any other activity is subject to significant fines and the police are patrolling the beachfront near my house. The good news is that like some people in the developed world, I and my family are blessed with having enough food, money , space and wifi access to take advantage of the lock down to get things done.

As similar measures have been put in place in countries and regions around the world, we are very much aware about how many people in the world are not so fortunate.

In 1993 Harold Remis directed Bill Murray in a film called Groundhog Day in which Murray’s character lives the same day over and over until he changes his attitude about life.

For those of us who do have the luxury of doing so, these weeks of forced social distancing can be a wonderful time to do some serious reading, thinking, and in my case learning to build a website.

The website summarizes what I have learned as a headhunter and business school professor and is the result of literally thousands of conversations with colleagues, contacts friends and students over the years. The framework I mentioned at the begining of this post is explained in some depth and the site has two features that you might find interesting.

One is a forum section and my hope is to generate significant conversations about different spaces, roles, and places to help people think about where they are going.

The other is the stories section in which I invite anyone to register and write up their own story so that others can see how they have combined these three ideas.

My goal with the whole project is to help people think about what direction they are taking their professional life.

If like me, you are still in lockdown, then at least you will have some time for such refelction!

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I am a professor at IESE Business School and lecture on strategy, sustainability and geo-politics.

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