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Free Fall captures additional thoughts on how to think about careers and adds to the framework and other sections on Career Management for Turbulent Times

What do we need (really)

One of the impacts of the economic impact and uncertainty that has resulted from the measures to control the outbreak is that many people have seen their income reduced so maybe it is time to review what we really need from what we want or would like to have.

Getting Advice

Finding a job during turbulent times is not easy and the current global pandemic makes it very, very difficult. Many companies are facing an uncertain future in this environment and will postpone making hiring decisions if they can. It is also difficult to meet people due to lock down restrictions in many cities around theContinue reading “Getting Advice”

Use the time

In an insightful episode the Daily, the New York Times award winning podcast, the story revolves around a 22 year old college senior who struggles to complete her course work on line due the complexities of her home life such as lack of privacy, time and space to work and economic pressure. The episode endsContinue reading “Use the time”

Losing a job

Getting fired, laid off, or downsized can be a traumatic experience for many people. The first time I was fired was in Houston Texas in 1985.  I was an engineer working for a company that built and managed offshore oil drilling platforms and semi-submersibles and my most recent assignment was a construction project in Japan.Continue reading “Losing a job”


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