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    Mike R

    Although gas-guzzling and polluting cars may become a thing of the past someday, people will still need to get from place to place. Electric and hybrid cars, vehicles powered by hydrogen fuel cells and hyper-efficient internal combustion engines will most likely co-exist in the future with clean mass transit options. Add the ride-sharing/taxi business, as well as other forms of personal transportation such as the now-ubiquitous electric scooters and you, begin to define the emerging space of clean mobility.

    One thing that is driving this shift is the improved performance and lower cost of batteries which power all kinds of electric vehicles. Another is increasing concern about air pollution in cities which has resulted in a ban on diesel engines which is scheduled to take effect in many cities in the world including London and Paris in 2025. The final driver will possibly be concern about climate change although electric power needs to be made in one way or another.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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