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    Jad Hawili Noel

    Home is different depending on your needs at different stages in life and our identity evolution.

    As a single individual in my mid-thirties who lived in different places, I look more to learn from different cultures; the process I would follow would be looking at the “how” rather than the “where” I can find home (intertwined).

    The common denominators I look into would be (after eliminating some known-known facts such as a city, climate, etc) would be:

    1- Is the place liberal? (benchmark gay-friendly could be a hint)

    2- Are the people the kind of sophisitication I want? (Art appreciation diversity in culture that can be felt by what the city is offering, and the history of some cultural movements in it)

    3- Are the expats integrated in it (Here I ask how long does it take to adapt certain behaviors and learn the language, if I will ever speak something different than English?)

    -I learned to make a difference between being part of a city that is called cosmopolitan and diverse in term of nationalities, where expats never change and hangout among themselves, and a city that offers you integration where you get to interact with the locals and their culture to feel part of it.

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