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    Mike R

    One of the biggest trends on a global basis is urbanization or an increasing number of people living in the world’s cities. Digitalization and the need to make these cities more sustainable is driving a number of improvements in the way cities are organized, managed, and maintained.

    Under the banner of smart cities includes technologies such as mass transit, increased electrification and the deployment of sensors as well as the deployment of 5G telecommunications. The idea also includes concepts of urban governance, social innovation and city planning.

    If the world does go slowly on the issue of de-carbonization and pollution, cities will also suffer the negative impacts and be in need of solutions that mitigate the effects of these problems. Coastal defenses, air, and water purification systems, and vertical farming may all see tremendous growth in a world that is gradually, or not so gradually, getting hotter and more contaminated.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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